Dr. Cooper @ Coulter Airfield
Dr. Cooper's Office at Coulter Airfield

Dr. James F. Cooper
City of Bryan - Coulter Airfield
6120 E. State Hwy 21
Bryan, TX 77808

Phone: (979) 224-4000
Fax: (979) 209-5235

FAA Senior Aviation Medical Examiner

Dr. James F. Cooper currently offers FAA Flight Physicals at Coulter Airfield in Bryan, TX. One of the longest practicing physicians in the Brazos Valley, Dr. Cooper has been providing General and Family Medicine for over 50 years. In addition to his general physician services, Dr. Cooper is a renowned expert in Aerospace and Aviation Medicine, providing First, Second, and Third Class Federal Aviation Physicals.

"The pilot's advocate, not adversary"

Dr. Cooper and patient With experience in aviation medicine since 1960, Dr. Cooper is well prepared to offer the most thorough, friendly, and knowledgable aviation medicine services in Texas. Whether you need an aviation physical to renew your pilot's license, or you are a new pilot applying for your first flying license, Dr. Cooper can help with physicals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class medical certificates.

Being a pilot himself, and a Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument, Dr. Cooper has made many friends in aviation. Many of his patients make it a point to stop by his office when their flying takes them near Bryan, TX. Patients from all over the globe will fly through this small Texas town just to make an appointment with the doctor they trust.

Concerned about renewing your pilot license because of your health?
Dr. Cooper says problem cases are his specialty. In his own words, he truly is "the pilot's advocate, not adversary".

50 years of Aviation Experience

Dr. James F. Cooper has been practicing general medicine for over 50 years, and aviation medicine since 1960. Aviation is more than just part of his job description, it is a favorite past time as well. In addition to being a commercial pilot himself, Dr. Cooper is a Certified Flight Instuctor - Instrument, whose skill and knowledge in aviation has led to work such as a voice commentator for TVW ch7 in Perth, Australia for Apollo Launches XII through XVII. He has attended all manned Apollo launches at NASA, VII through XVII. A good friend of astronaut Jack Sweigert (of Apollo XIII fame), Dr. Cooper is in good company.

Fly on in to Bryan, TX for your next flight physical, and meet the legend for yourself!